I hear you NOCing, But Can You Close Timing?

Network on Chip (NOC) IP has been around for a while. I wrote an article about academic research papers on NOCs presented at the seventh annual International Symposium on System-on-Chip conference held in Tampere, Finland in late 2005. NOCs were the conference’s theme back then and the jury was out on using NOCs to interconnect large IP blocks, including processors, network controllers, and memory on SoCs. … Read More → "I hear you NOCing, But Can You Close Timing?"

Intel’s Agilex 7 FPGAs Take Barcelona by Storm

As part of giving courses on digital logic simulation, along with presentations at technical conferences and guest lectures at universities, I’ve been fortunate enough to have at least sampled a tempting taster of many of the countries in Scandinavia and Western Europe, including Denmark, Norway, Sweden, France, Greece, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.

Sad to relate, one of the countries on … Read More → "Intel’s Agilex 7 FPGAs Take Barcelona by Storm"

Winston Kock: Right Place, Right Time, Right Idea

During research for my recent 6-part article series on the early transistor makers, I tried to find information on the companies that attended the 1952 Bell Labs Transistor Symposium, yet clearly never made transistors. One of those companies was listed as “The Baldwin Company.” Searching the Internet, the closest match I could find for that corporate name was the Baldwin Piano Company. I wondered, what thread could … Read More → "Winston Kock: Right Place, Right Time, Right Idea"

March 29, 2023
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March 21, 2023

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Series Five Product Introduction
Size and weight are critical design considerations when it comes to military and aerospace applications. One way to minimize weight and size in these kinds of designs is to take a closer look at your choice of connectors. In this episode of Chalk Talk, Amelia Dalton chats with Anthony Annunziata from Amphenol Aerospace about the series five next generation connectors from Amphenol Aerospace. They investigate the size and weight advantages that these connectors bring to military and aerospace applications and how you can get started using the series five in your next design.
Nov 3, 2022

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First CXL 2.0 IP Interoperability Demo with Compliance Tests

Sponsored by Synopsys

In this video, Sr. R&D Engineer Rehan Iqbal, will guide you through Synopsys CXL IP passing compliance tests and demonstrating our seamless interoperability with Teladyne LeCroy Z516 Exerciser. This first-of-its-kind interoperability demo is a testament to Synopsys' commitment to delivering reliable IP solutions.

Learn more about Synopsys CXL here

Posted on Mar 28 at 2:21pm by traneusee
U.S. Patent 879,532 shows Lee DeForest invented the Audion, an intentionally-gassy triode tube for radio-detector use. His circuits lack a D.C. path for the grid, so will not work with a vacuum triode. U.S. Patent 1,297,309 shows Harold D. Arnold invented a triode vacuum tube for telephone use. U....
Posted on Mar 27 at 11:03am by Bret Gustafson
It’s interesting how today so many different processor architectures have found their place in the market. While CPUs and ASICs definitely have their place, there are many applications (like the ones in the whitepapers) where they don’t. You've raised valid points about the cost and performance trade-offs between ...
Posted on Mar 27 at 6:48am by Max Maxfield
The big thing about FPGAs is that they can implement appropriate algorithms in a massively parallel fashion, which lets them race to do things MCUs would do at a crawl. I personally think of soft processors implemented in the programmable fabric more in the form of commend and control as ...
Posted on Mar 27 at 6:39am by Max Maxfield
It's like they say -- "Hindsight is the only exact science" LOL
Posted on Mar 26 at 11:27pm by edsunsolutions
Edsun Solutions is Authorized Enrollment Partner for NMIMS Global Access School for Continuing Education (NGA-SCE). NGA-SCE is India's No. 1 Distance MBA University. https://edsunsolutions.com/
Posted on Mar 25 at 11:20am by Karl Stevens
But FPGAs are so expensive! Compared to the cost to build an ASIC? But FPGAs are so slow! Learn what the fast embedded memory blocks can do for you. And they come in true dual port flavors, yummy. And while you are at it brush up on your microprogramming. If ...
Posted on Mar 23 at 10:48pm by Amydoelly
It has longer service life, high power density, fast charging and high reliability at 105°C. Not only supercapacitors, but also some capacitors used in new energy vehicle lights also meet this condition. For example, YMIN's VMM series and VKM series are used for smart lights. Below is the company's official ...
Posted on Mar 23 at 11:46am by Ron Cline
Old PLD/CPLD chip designer here. In addition to the FPGA by-hand-design requirement, I believed that FPGAs had a fatal flaw in that they had to be rebooted from a separate memory like a microprocessor and argued FPGAs would never be accepted by hardware board designers for mass production. Boy ...
Posted on Mar 23 at 10:22am by Steven Leibson
Thanks for this fascinating information, rrestle! I remember BEI and some Googling reveals that Schneider Electric bought them in 2005. Signetics and Siliconix were both founded in the early 1960s and both have been long since acquired. I was not aware of the optical disks in Baldwin organs being the start ...
Posted on Mar 23 at 6:07am by Max Maxfield
"Here are some assignment expressions that I am using for debug." It seems to me that you are having too much fun LOL
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Mar 29, 2023
Explore the new chip design frontier of AI-powered EDA tools and see how our Synopsys.ai chip design software redefines chip design, verification, and testing. The post AI Is Driving a New Frontier in Chip Design appeared first on New Horizons for Chip Design....
Mar 29, 2023
The ICADVM20.1 ISR31 and IC6.1.8 ISR31 production releases are now available for download at Cadence Downloads . For information on supported platforms and other release compatibility information, see the README.txt file in the installation hierarchy. ICADVM20.1 ISR31 IC6.1.8...
Mar 10, 2023
A proven guide to enable project managers to successfully take over ongoing projects and get the work done!...
EV Charging: Understanding the Basics
Sponsored by Mouser Electronics and Bel
Have you ever considered what the widespread adoption of electric vehicles will look like? What infrastructure requirements will need to be met? In this episode of Chalk Talk, I chat about all of this and more with Bruce Rose from Bel. We review the basics of EV charging, investigate the charging requirements for both AC and DC chargers, and examine the role that on-board inverters play in electric vehicle charging.
Mar 27, 2023
ADI's ISOverse
In order to move forward with innovations on the intelligent edge, we need to take a close look at isolation and how it can help foster the adoption of high voltage charging solutions and reliable and robust high speed communication. In this episode of Chalk Talk, Amelia Dalton is joined by Allison Lemus, Maurizio Granato, and Karthi Gopalan from Analog Devices and they examine benefits that isolation brings to intelligent edge applications including smart building control, the enablement of Industry 4.0, and more. They also examine how Analog Devices iCoupler® digital isolation technology can encourage innovation big and small!  
Mar 14, 2023
Spectral and Color Sensors
Sponsored by Mouser Electronics and ams OSRAM
There has been quite a bit of advancement in the world of spectrometers of the last several years. In this episode of Chalk Talk, Amelia Dalton and Jim Archibald from ams OSRAM investigate how multispectral sensing solutions are driving innovation in a variety of different fields. They also explore the functions involved with multispectral sensing, the details of ams OSRAM’s AS7343 spectral sensor, and why smoke detection is a great application for this kind of multispectral sensing.
Mar 6, 2023
Advantech Edge Gateways for Equipment Monitoring
Sponsored by Mouser Electronics and Advantech
One of the biggest challenges with equipment monitoring today includes one critical question: How do I integrate multiple data formats from different devices, equipment, meters, and sensors into my system? In this episode of Chalk Talk, Amelia Dalton chats with Eric Wang from Advantech about how the Advantech WISE-EdgeLink solution can help you navigate the challenges of data collection in edge applications. They also take a closer look at the benefits of the Advantech WISE-EdgeLink smart gateway family and show you how to get started using one of these smart gateways in your next edge application. 
Mar 1, 2023
Challenges of Multi-Connectivity Asset Tracking
Multi-connectivity asset tracking is a critical element of our modern supply chain. In this episode of Chalk Talk, Colin Ramrattan and Manuel Cantone from STMicroelectronics and Amelia Dalton discuss the common needs required for asset tracking today, why low power processing is vital for these kind of applications, and how STMicroelectronics ASTRA platform can help you get started on your next asset tracking design.
Feb 20, 2023
Analog in a Digital World: TRIMPOT® Trimming Potentiometers
Sponsored by Mouser Electronics and Bourns
Trimmer potentiometers are a great way to fine tune the output of an analog circuit and can be found used in a wide variety of applications. In this episode of Chalk Talk, Patricia Moorman from Bourns and Amelia Dalton break down the what, where, how, and why of trimpots and the benefits that Bourns trimpots can bring to your next design.
Feb 2, 2023